Bruce Guthrie, editor-in-chief

Just a quick note about the news today  Bruce Guthrie, of the Herald Sun, insisted on taking the title editor-in-chief, despite only controlling one paper, when he was offered the job.

So says News Ltd CEO John Hartigan, while Guthrie denied he demanded the title, instead claiming it was offered to him.

While I do not want to get into the ins and outs of a legal case, I would not be surprised if an editor with an ego wanted a fancier title.

And I’ve seen some odd ones over my time already – deputy editors who edit several papers, news editors that are really that paper’s editor, trends reporter (is that even a specialisation?).

We have a style guide for the papers, so let’s all do the world a favour and get one for our job titles too. Though mine might then become office dogsbody.